What To Give Wine Lovers On Special Occasions

Leather Glasses Wine Pillow Sofa Blanket Couch

Aside from their special chair or furniture where they rest on while having their drink, are you thinking of giving your wine lover friend or family a gift? Why not give them something thoughtful and creative than the usual bottle of wine. There are many gift ideas to choose from and deciding on what will be perfect can be a difficult task. Here are some gift ideas that you can give to a wine lover.

Wine Glass Charms

Glass charms can be personalized with names and can add an extra special touch to the glass. They can be used as decoration to your glasses on special occasions. This will ensure that your loved ones are drinking from the right glass. You can also try making some yourself. All you need is some rings, charms and beads which can be bought online or at any craft store.

quote mug

Wine Quote Mug

Someone who loves coffee and tea would be glad to receive this kind of gift. It will sure make them smile every time they use they cup. There is a wide selection of mugs online that you can choose from. You can have mugs with quotes, artworks, personalized with names or pictures and more. Try checking out custom mugs here.

A Wine Bottle Glass

This fun bottle glass is perfect for someone who loves a large glass of wine. It can hold an entire bottle and not need a refill until the glass is empty. This would be a perfect gift to anyone who loves to have a good laugh and a large glass of drink.

Shoe Wine Holder

Are looking for something with a bit more class? You can give this fabulous high-heeled bottle holder. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves shoes and wines.

Personalized Wine Glasses

If you want to go for something more unique, why not give them their very own hand painted and personalized glass? A personalized wine glass makes a perfect gift for any occasion and they will sure treasure it for years to come. These wine glasses are also a perfect gift to newlywed couples on their big day.

Wine Cork Candles

These wine cork candles can be used as finishing touch to dinner tables. They look like corks that have been pushed back into the bottle and give the atmosphere a rustic feel. They will save your loved one some time and effort of squeezing a large candle in.


Wine Quote Coasters

Coasters are useful gifts. It protects your loved one’s table surface while they are having a drink. There are many designs online to choose from.

A Wine Quiz Book

Test and improve your loved one’s knowledge by giving them a wine quiz book. There’s a fantastic wine quiz book for anyone with an interest in wine. It contains sections on different wines from all over the world, including growing and making, different grape varieties and questions about the overall process of wine making. They will love reading through it and learn something new.

Hope these ideas will be helpful in making you decide on what to give your wine lover friends on special occasions.